We are able to provide help for anyone struggling with chronic pain, depression, or finding themselves in a difficult place and needing someone to talk to.

Most of our staff and volunteers are trained in listening and caoching skills, and we host a range of peer support groups. We also have access to professional coaches and counsellors if needed.  

Our volunteering programme provides a great way of getting involved and meeting new people in the process.  We are also looking for newvolunteers who would be interested in helping to develop our wellbeing services.

For information on any of our wellbeing services, please contact the St. Andrew's Community Network office:

tel:  0151 226 3406

email:  wellbeing@standrewslive.org.uk


Restored is a peer-led support group for people with mild to moderate mental health issues.

Helping you reconnect with the community around you, we offer a place for people to feel safe, welcomed, understood and valued.  We can provide a place you can express yourself through different projects, e.g. there is a group to restore and refurbish pieces of furniture.

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Peer Coaching

If you want to set your mind on achieving something, want some help to get there, or simply want to talk things through, then Peer Coaching can really help you. Or maybe you suffer from chronic pain, and would you like a safe place to talk to others who understand what you are going through?

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