As a Church there are things that we believe and do which we currently value above others. These are the things that define who we are.


We believe we are here for mission. We want to create a church that has mission at the centre of it purpose. We want to be a church that is actively involved in making our community and our city a better place to live. Most of all we want to be a people who are seeing lives transformed by the saving love and power of Jesus.


We want all our members to grow into the likeness of Christ, as revealed in Scripture, in terms of their thoughts, motives, words, actions and character. For us becoming a Christian is just the first step in the adventure of following Jesus. We recognise that individual followers of Christ must take responsibility for their own growth in Jesus, but the Church plays a vital role in that growth as well. We want to be a church that is playing a vital and relevant role in helping people become like Christ and to discover his plan for their lives.


We place a high value on the work and power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. We cannot be involved in mission or grow into the likeness of Christ without the power of the Holy Spirit. In our meetings we will always make space for God to work through healing, prophecy and the other gifts of the Spirit. We pray for revival in our land and for churches and individuals to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


We love to worship! We want every member to develop a lifestyle of worship through the week so that when we gather for corporate worship it is as real and as passionate as it can be. In our services we value creativity, relevance, spontaneity, but most of all the presence of God.


We recognise that Church is made up of people from different backgrounds, different places and all have different gifts. We want people to learn to love each other and to enjoy each other’s differences. We want to bring out each person’s unique gifts and to discover how that might fit with the gifts of others. We are a diverse community but we are one community.