Meet Steve Boycott


Being abandoned by my father at age 8, followed by my mother’s accidental death when I was 10 did not give me and my younger brother the best start in life  - and things didn’t get much better. Passed around various family members before being taken into care, I was then abused by my foster father, before being split-up from my brother and ending up locked up in a secured children’s home. I was hurting; I didn’t understand why all this was happening to me and through my pain I had lashed out at the world.

After leaving school I tried to earn my way in life; work schemes, kitchen & bar work led to being a doorman at a young age. Things began to finally take a turn for the better when I met Joanne on the 61 bus. We soon moved into a flat together and I finally had a place to call home again. We had two beautiful children and I found a very fulfilling job in a children’s home. I felt I had much to offer there as I too had experienced the harsh realities of life and being placed in care.  Sadly our daughter Laura had health problems when she was young and due to the extra care I need to provide for her, I lost my job and financially times were tough. But we worked through it together and enjoyed many happy years. I found other employment supporting adults with autism and then as a driving instructor.

When my children were teenagers everything changed. My wife had found someone else – another woman. All the trust I had given her had gone. My family life was no more. I felt I had nothing to live for. I parked up, attached a hose to the exhaust, started the engine and waited to die.

I woke in hospital, someone (I don’t know who) had found me. I needed medical attention due to the damage I had caused to myself; but I also still had self-destructive thoughts. So after two weeks in hospital I was taken to a mental health unit, where I stayed for a year.

But now what? I had no-where to go, no-one to turn to. Finding suitable accommodation seemed impossible. Hostels and housing schemes provision were not the safest or best environment for me. My situation felt hopeless and I was desperate to find a way out.

Lydia from St Andrews Church dropped a leaflet through my door about a week of prayer and I went along to see what it was all about.  I was taken aback by the variety of prayer stations about real life stuff – things I could relate to. I practically lived there for a week, overwhelmed by the peace I felt there. After that I attended an Alpha course, where I asked questions, learned more about life and God and overcome my fear of being hurt again and let God in my life.

I made friends at Church and also got the help and support I needed from their; foodbank, debt advice, hand-in-hand services. I soon found myself spiritually, emotionally and practically in a much better place. On Easter Sunday 2011 I got baptised – It felt like I had been given a clean start.

Through Church contacts, my art progressed as opportunities opened up for me, I met a beautiful girl and we are soon to be married. After much persistence and trusting God to provide for me, I am now employed full-time again, in a great job working as a support worker for a Christian company.

Handing over everything to God made a massive difference. I see things differently, my life has purpose, I can talk to God about everything. I wish I had known and let God in my life years ago. But one thing I have come to realise is God has always been there; even though I may have not have known it at the time.  In all the scrapes I’ve been through – God has been there, watching over me watching over me, because I matter, leading me to a place where I could get to know Him.

I’ve recently discovered how sharing my story helps others find God too. I hope my story helps you.

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