The Four Points

22nd March 2017

God loves me. I have sinned. Jesus died for me. 
I need to decide to live for God!



The city wide 'four points' campaign started on Sunday and will run for four weeks up until Easter Day. The aim of the campaign is simple...for as many people as possible to see and hear about the redeeming love that Christ has for them. This aim will be fulfilled by Christians having intentional gospel conversations with non-Christians, using the four points as a really easy framework to start those discussions. Last Sunday (19/03/17), we explained how you could use the four points, but if you missed the services, then check out the four points website for more information.  

So we would encourage you to wear your four points wristband all the time for the next four weeks, as you never know who might see it and ask you about it...and we challenged you...aim to have at least one conversation with someone, and be able to give the four points tract to them, so that they can find out more if they want to. 

There will also be a prayer meeting for the city at 8pm on Tuesday 4thApril at Frontline Church in Wavertree.

We are looking forward to hearing all your testimonies!

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