Missional Communities

Missional Communities are groups of people (anything over 10 people) who are reaching out to another specific group of people with the love and truth of Jesus.

There are currently 13 Missional Communities meeting regularly:

Community Choir - ​a community for people who love to sing, open to everyone of all singing abilities and experience.

Connect - passionate about seeing people who are connected with St. Andrew’s Community Network grow in their relationship with Christ as well as our friends and family members.

Food for Thought - ​gathering around an allotment, learning how to grow things and creating community.

Hand in Hand - focusing on developing friendships that change lives. Whether lost, lonely, addicted or broken, Everybody is Somebody.

House of Prayer - ​for those who believe in the power of prayer to change lives.

Kids Klub - reaching out to primary aged children and their families in a fun and energetic way.

Living Invitations - helping each other live out their christian life in the workplace.

Mustard Seeds - for young mums and their babies, getting together for friendship, support and encouragement.

Start - An arts based community, creating things and creating friendships.

Starting Point - ​being new to church can be daunting! This is a place to meet new people, and discover church in your own time.

Switch - this group have refurbished rooms in Tuebrook Community Centre as a safe place to meet local teenagers.

Third Age - a group of people of all sorts of ages who are looking to share the Gospel with people in retirement.

Vintage - ​showing God's love to the older community in café style by serving, listening, and befriending.

Missional Communities are looking to create meaningful relationships with people outside the Church so that there are opportunities to witness to them.

​If you would like to join a Missional Community, contact the group leader or the church office.